• capital city: Paris
  • population: 66,627,602
  • area: 643,801 sq. km.
  • languages spoken: French
  • annual record sales: $842,800,000 (USD 2014)
  • rank: 5th largest worldwide
  • currency: Euro € (EUR)
  • The French drink over 11 billion glasses of wine every year

France is home to Universal Music Group, the largest music publishing company in the world and is the birthplace of one of the leaders in web-based music streaming services, Deezer. Its popular artists include the world-renown Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour and Daft Punk!

Who’s who in the French music market

Worldwide Festival 2015

National Syndicate of Phonographic Publishing (Syndicat national de l’édition phonographique)

Created in 1922, the SNEP is the spokesman and representative vis-à-vis the government, legislators and the administration, other professional organizations, and the press and public.
14 bld du Général Leclerc, 92527 Neuilly-Sur-Seine Cedex, France
P: + 33 01 47 38 04 04
General Manager: Guillaume Leblanc
Director of Communications: Patricia Sarrant


Civil Union of Phonographic Producers (Société Civile Des Producteurs Phonographiques)

The SCPP is a society that collects fees due to its members from sound recording and music video users and distributes these fees on its members’ behalf.
14 bld du Général Leclerc, 92527 Neuilly-Sur-Seine Cedex, France
P: + 33 1 41 43 03 03
General Manager: M. Guez
Communication Manager: A. Roggeman


French Phonogram Producers’ Collecting Society (Société civile des Producteurs de Phonogrammes en France)

SPPF is a collecting and distribution society for fees collected on behalf of its members, each member being an independent sound recording or music video producer.
28 rue de Châteaudun, 75009 Paris, France
P:  (+33)
General manager: Jérôme Roger


Union of French Independent Phonographic Producers

UPFI is a professional organization that brings together the independent sound recording producers and distributors, to promote and reinforce the independent sound recording production sector in France.
28 rue de Châteaudun, 75009 Paris, France
P:  +33 1 53 77 66 40
General manager: Jérôme Roger


Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music
SACEM is a private, non-profit organisation managed by music creators and publishers, that collects publishing rights in France and redistributes them to French and international rights-holders (composers, lyricists, and music publishers).

Society for the Administration of the Rights of Performers Musicians and Artists
For over fifty-eight years, Adami has been collecting and individually distributing the sums due to actors, singers, musicians, conductors and dancers for the use of their recorded works.

National Union of musicians unions CGT France
Created in 1956, SNAM-CGT is an amalgamation of local and regional musician’s unions. It is a member of the FIM – International Federation of Musicians.



bureauexport is a French non-profit organization and network that helps French and international music professionals work together to develop French-produced music around the world.
36 boulevard de la Bastille, 75012 Paris, France
P: +33  1 49 29 52 10
Commercial Director: Norbert Pietrangeli
Artistic Director: Dr. Benedict Holt Bernd


Touring in France

MaMA Festival 2014

France is the fifth largest music market in the world and the third largest in Europe behind Britain and Germany.

  • All musicians and crew will require a Temporary Work Permit known as an APT (Autorisation Provisoire de Travail) to perform in France. This permit is good for three months.
  • Your local promoter will be applying on your behalf. A permit for each concert is required, but usually the promoter of your first concert can make an application covering the whole tour. Check with them to confirm this is so.
  • There is no cost to secure an APT, however you should have all documents to your local promoter at least 2 months before the first performance.
  • An extensive list of personal information, including a Certificate of Coverage from the Canadian Revenue Agency for each person, will be required to secure an APT.

The Certificate of Coverage, which can take 3 months to secure from CRA, will eliminate the requirement for withholding taxes on your performance fees.

For more detailed information on work permit requirements and withholding tax exemptions, please download France Work Permits for Musicians Overview.

France packs a lot of countryside into one compact country. From the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, from the Pyrenees to the Alps, France shares its borders with Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France – with the UK just across the English Channel.

For more information on what’s inside, please see the Regions in France descriptions below.

For more information on live music festivals and conventions, please see the France’s Major Festivals tab below.

Nuit Boreale 2013

Key Regions in France

Paris population 10,858,000

Key Venues/Clubs: La Cigale, Le Divan du Monde, La Flèche d’Or, L’International, La Maroquinerie, La Mécanique Ondulatoire, New Morning, L’Olympia, Pop In, Le Trabendo, Le Trianon

Key Radio Stations: 89.9 TSF Jazz, 91.3 Chérie FM, 92.1 Le Mouv’, 92.6 Tropiques FM, 92.8 Music Box, 93.9 Radio Campus Paris, 96.0 Skyrock, 96.9 Voltage, 97.8 Ado FM, 98.2 Radio FG, 98.8 Radio Espace FM, 99.9 Sud Radio, 100.3 NRJ, 101.5 Radio Nova, 101.9 FUN Radio, 103.9 RFM, 104.3 RTL, 104.7 Europe 1, 107.5 Africa n°1, 107.9 Vent d’Ouest (pirate)

Colleges and Universities: Conservatoire national des arts et métiers, Pantheon-Sorbonne University, Paris Descartes University, Science P, Paris Diderot University, Pierre and Marie Curie University, University of Paris

Lyon population 1,583,000

Key venues/clubs: Auditorium Orchestre National de Lyon, Halle Tony Garnier, Hot Club de Lyon, Le Marché Gare, Ninkasi Kao, Le Périscope, Péristyle, Le Sonic, Le Studio Club, Le Transbordeur

Key Radio Stations: FM 91.1 Radio Salam, FM 102.2 Radio Canut, FM 97.3 Jazz Radio, FM 98.4 Tonic Radio, FM 96.9 Radio Espace, FM 92.0 Radio SCOOP Lyon, FM 89.8 Radio Trait d’Union

Colleges and Universities: Claude Bernard University Lyon, IAE Lyon, Jean Moulin University, University of Lyon

Marseille population 1,397,000

Key venues/clubs: Théâtre La Criée (Théâtre national de Marseille), Cité de la musique, Espace Julien, Le Dock Des Suds, Le Dôme, L’éolienne, Le Silo, U-percut

Key Radio Stations: Radio Galère FM 88.4, Radio Star FM 92.3, Radio Culture Outre Mer FM 97.6, Radio Gazelle FM 98.0, Radio Chérie FM 100.1, Radio Diva FM 101.8, Radio Nova FM 105.7 MHz

Colleges and Universities: Aix Marseille University, Ecole Central Marseille

Nice population 962,000

Key venues/clubs: Chez Wayne’s, Théâtre de Verdure, Théâtre Lino Ventura,  Le Volume,

Key radio:  MFM Radio FM 90.3, Kiss FM FM 90.9, Nice Radio FM 102.3, Frequence K FM 103.4,

Colleges and Universities: Université Nice Sophia Antipolis

France’s major festivals


The music industry has grown to become an ecosystem and MIDEM brings you the full toolkit to succeed in this new business landscape.

Join 6,150 participants and 1,236 exhibiting companies from 75 countries, to expand your international network, create bridges with other industries, improve your practices, sign deals and take your business to the next level.

MIDEM is the yearly international b2b event dedicated to the new music ecosystem, with a tradeshow, conferences, competitions, networking and gigs.


MaMA is a unique event. It combines a music professionals’ convention with conferences, debates and networking events – with a true music festival in the heart of Paris.

During the day – MaMA Convention attracts over 4,300 delegates, French and international, independent and major labels, venues and festivals, producers, agents and managers, publishers, digital companies, broadcasters… and of course artists.

In the evening – MaMA Festival is a rich, accessible collection of 120 concerts in 3 days, in 15 distinctive venues and unusual places in the famous Parisian district of Pigalle and Montmartre. A mix of well-established artists and exciting, emerging artists.

Hellfest Open Air

Hellfest is an annual music festival which takes place in Clisson, France in mid-June. It is held within the Val de Moine sport complex in Clisson, roughly 400km south-west of Paris. Billed as an “extreme music festival”, the program features a variety of heavy metal, hard rock, punk and hardcore acts.

Festival alumni include: Motörhead, Slayer, Angra, Dream Theater, Mötley Crüe, Marilyn Manson, Manowar, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, ZZ Top, Lordi, Guns N’ Roses and Def Leppard.

Nuits Sonores

Nuits Sonores is entirely dedicated to electronic, independent, visual and digital cultures where music, design, graphic arts and architecture are intimately connected.

The festival transforms Lyon into a free-spirited city for five days and five nights, becoming a giant playground for those who love and share the spirit of top-quality music, curiosity and new encounters.

Since the festival’s beginnings in 2003, it has always encouraged the public to explore and discover the festival by foot, bike or using public transport. Over 250 locations in Lyon have been utilized, including art galleries, industrial wastelands, rooftops and even swimming pools.

Worldwide Festival Sète

For 10 years now the festival has been scanning the horizon for new talent, while also leaving space on the lineup for legendary DJs and live acts. And it has evolved from a weekend by the sea in 2006 to an entire week of concerts in the port city of Sète on the Mediterranean coast, a 30 minute drive from Montpellier airport.

The Worldwide Festival was born in Sète in July 2006, the joint initiative of Freshly Cut and Gilles Peterson based on one simple concept: To create a different kind of festival, offering a unique artistic selection inspired by Gilles’s radio show “Worldwide”.

After expanding to Asia with one edition in Shanghai and 4 editions in Singapore, the Festival has now its own winter event in Leysin, Switzerland. Worldwide baby!


In April 1997, in the South West was born a festival that combined punk and rock, set in the ancient hills of Marmande. Its founding principles were and still are: sustainability, accessibility, affordability, and an eclectic mix of recognized and emerging artists.

Garorock has earned its place among the great French festivals welcoming more than 50,000 curious music-lovers who come for a three-day journey that has lasted over 15 years.

Everyone is welcome, even children who have their own mini-festival: the Garokid. Music starts from the cradle!

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