Music Yukon is a Music Industry Association established in 1998. We offer our members a number of training initiatives including songwriting workshops, and informal business workshops/networking events with specific topics, such as Increasing Your Social Media Profile or How to Maximize Artist Royalties.

Our mandate is not only focused on training, but also finding ways for our artists to perform, and like other music associations, we’re looking for ways to support our exporting musicians.

We’ve got a unique scene. There are lots of places where you can build your chops locally. On any given weekend, you could probably go to at least 20-30 live events. For a town of 26,000, we have a really vibrant live scene.

Each summer we present our flagship music and visual arts festival, called Arts in the Park. It’s probably the only festival/concert series in Canada that runs daily right throughout the summer months, and is free to the public.

We’re also looking at ways to bring more activities like Arts in the Park, into our smaller communities.

Music Yukon is a music industry association partner of the Western Canadian Music Alliance.

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